TRG article in Mix online

The Recording Guy (Donald Setaro) was interviewed by Lisa Horan as one of three remote recording companies from around the country for the August "Studio Unknown" column about "The New Role of Remote Recording Professionals". Check it out at the link below.

Pro Live Sound Recordings from TRG

Have you ever wanted to do a remote recording at a concert venue, house of worship, club or even in a cabin or rehearsal space? Did you think the cost and trouble of getting a remote recording truck from LA or SF was going to break your recording budget? Thanks to advances in technology and the experience of The Recording Guy remote recording service, we can bring a compact 48 track digital recording rig to you at a price you can afford. The rig is based on the Tascam X-48 digital recorder and fits in a couple of road cases that can go just about anywhere. Take a look at the Equipment page to see what we have and then call us to see what we can do for you on your next project.

Don Setaro (the Recording Guy) has been involved in remote recording, live sound and audio installation for more than 30 years. He owned and operated one of Modesto's first multitrack studios back in the mid 1970's and really hasn't slowed down yet. He was heavily involved in studio installations in the 1980's and 1990's working with such artists as Neil Young, the Doobie Bros, the Grateful Dead and George Lucas. Don has installed and operated studios and sound systems in the Central California Valley, San Francisco Bay Area and as far away as Washington State and Canada.

Don currently works live sound with Crossroad Audio in Modesto, CA.

All of this brings us to The Recording Guy remote recording service now being offered in Northern California. Taking the many years of experience in doing both studio recording and live sound The Recording Guy offers the best of both worlds to you for your next remote recording project.

Have The Recording Guy bring his 48 track digital "studio without walls" to your venue, club, church or home to record your project. We can mix and master your project in our
Pro Tools equipped studio. We can also provide complete CD design and duplication.